About Us
  • Where technology and service meets worldwide, RCR International is your one-stop source for products and solutions. Through the invaluable tools provided through RCR International, clients have a vast knowledge base in product development, marketing, sales representation and consulting. RCR represents and distributes top-branded, cutting edge products to the retailer, independent dealer or distribution community throughout the world.
  • Our History
  • With over 40 years of experience in multiple areas, our competitive team has been successful to fulfill the required tasks in order to bring products to market.
  • Our Mission
  • Our mission is simple: provide the essential tools to get products to market. We know this process and the many facets on how to get there. We work around your idea and provide the right tools to increase the marketing outreach. At RCR International we strive to get your ideas to the market in the most affordable manner with a vast assortment of knowledge in every area. We work alongside you to get your ideas to market.